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Interactive Show & Exhibit


Joe Zapp’s Interactive Show & Exhibit’s provides a unique entertainment platform that your Club will long be remembered for. These exclusive concept shows are original in their presentation with no two shows ever being identical in their outcome.


This can be done on an afternoon or evening, as an invitation event or sold as a ticketed show to Club Members and the general public any day of the week.

The Art Exhibition precedes the show and would consist of up to 40 original paintings by Joe Zapp. It’s further supported by an amazing lighting experience with a themed surround sound to create the perfect atmosphere for each event. The show is then crowned with a live speed painting demonstration that’s guaranteed to be the highlight of the event.

This interactive, artistic and incredibly in the moment experience for those in attendance is then followed by the finished painting being auctioned with proceeds of the sale being donated back to the Club.

Each Show & Exhibit is tailored to fit your location, historical in it’s content and both educational and entertaining.


  • Set Up and Pack Down of the Exhibition ( Up to 40 Original Oil Paintings on canvas )
  • Promotional Materials for Advertisement / Posters
  • Theme the Exhibit and Show space
  • Exhibition Program – Educational Insight on each Portrait
  • Production ( Sound & Lighting )
  • A Master of Ceremony (MC) to host the evening
  • A Merchandise stand ( Negotiated % of profits being donated back to the Club )
  • Original Oil Painting by Joe Zapp
  • An Auctioneer for the Event

For more information and pricing on how this incredible entertainment experience could be part of your Club or Venues “What’s On” calendar simply click here!  ZAPP CONNECT



Corporate / Fundraising

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