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Corporate / Fundraising


Have you been looking for a new element to add to your corporate event or fundraising activities? Well here’s an opportunity for you to share an amazing demonstration of interactive Speed Portraiture Painting with Australia’s award winning Artist,  Joe Zapp at your next function.


Getting people to fundraising events these days means you have to be creative and that also means putting as many elements as you can together to make that event entertaining, memorable and the most important of all is profitable.  Joe’s crafted his skills to be able to create what usually takes others weeks to be capable of doing. This means he can produce an original oil painting (1m x 1.5m) in a fraction of the time and has put this into an astonishing 45 – 50 minute time frame.


The portrait subject would of course be of special significance to your event and because of Joe’s amazing artistic skill the painting would be created in a perfect time frame to be more than just an entertainment component. In fact it’s the perfect time to announce to everyone in attendance that this original once in a lifetime oil painting is to be auctioned right now and that proceeds from the sale price will be donated directly to your fundraising account….. Priceless!

For more information and pricing on how this incredible entertainment experience (with benefits) could become part of your next fundraising or event calendar simply click here!  ZAPP CONNECT


“I would have no hesitation in recommending the work of Joe Zapp to any corporate or charitable organisation. Joe has worked for the E.J.Whitten Foundation numerous times at our key fundraising events and has proven to be a true professional. His work is outstanding and he is also a gentleman.” –  Ted Whitten


Interactive Show & Exhibit

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