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At seven years of age on a boat from Sicily the talent of Joe Zapp was obvious. The many comments from his head turning first sketch inspired Joe to continue to draw, little did he know at the time that his fun past time would one day see him travel the length of Australia, amazing participants at every function he performed at.

With over 800 paintings completed, Joe Zapp has had the opportunity to capture on canvas many of Australia’s biggest names in Sport, Military Service as well as privately commissioned works and continues to push the boundaries of traditional portraiture in search of excellence.

I am self taught realist/impressionist artist with a passion for a varied range of subjects. Having painted and sold over 800 paintings both in the Corporate and Fundraising sectors as well as privately commissioned pieces .

I have a passion for Military paintings having painted all 101 Victoria Cross Recipients as well as many of our other Military heroes.

I am also intrigued by the rich history of our bushrangers including Ned Kelly, Ben Hall, Captain Moonlite and have attempted to capture their story in my paintings.

I have been given the opportunity to capture on canvas many of Australia’s biggest names in Sport, Military Service, Politics, as well as privately commissioned works.

My previous exhibitions include The Ned Kelly Story, Men of Valour and the Victoria Cross project. The success of these exhibitions has encouraged new and exciting projects including the We Salute you.

Cricket World Cup Breakfast 708 2SPEED PAINTING:

Joe Zapp’s drive is what then lead him to an entertainment platform very few Artist’s ever experience. A live audience whilst he creates a portrait before their very eyes. His ability to capture an amazing likeness of the subject and adding the subject in action offers an exceptional original every time. What’s even more amazing is the speed at which he paints, this incredible ability is the reason he is considered the best speed artist in Australia.

When asked how he does it, he simply say’s ‘I see it and it just happens.’

True to his word time and time again this is exactly how it is. So much wisdom coupled with an extraordinary talent he takes all before him on an amazing journey as they witness at the start of the events he has attended nothing more than a blank canvas and over the next hour Joe Zapp goes to work with his exceptional talent transforming it into a masterpiece.

Having a huge impact to the success of fundraising events and providing a true lasting impression it’s no wonder he is in high demand for corporate functions across Australia. An inspiring performer so willing to share his incredible life experiences Joe Zapp is one of a kind…..

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